Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Weird Portland Wednesday: Pac-Man Lives


I know that every city has at least one arcade. There was one sweet one that my sons would take the bus to visit--nickles and dimes needed. They'd save their pennies and have a fun afternoon playing video games. The question is, does every city have an arcade that is closed to kids after 4:30p? Does every city have an arcade with over 150 games, plus alcohol, plus stage shows, plus karaoke?

No but we do!  

Ground Kontrol!

Nestled in the heart of downtown, Ground Kontrol is taking on the world.  It's website states,

We preserve and celebrate video gaming’s “golden age” by operating over 100 classic video games and 40.5 pinball machines, feature a full-service bar serving from noon until late (usually 2AM), host DJs, comedy shows, high score competitions, game tournaments, and Rock Band karaoke, and are available for public and private event rentals.

Trust me, my kids never had all that at their nickle arcades. They never could get cool t-shirts, either. 

I think the neatest part, you know, apart from just about everything else there, is the bathrooms. Cool cool cool. I can hear Ms Pac-Man wanka-wanka-wanka-ing all the way through the rooms. It don't get no better dan dat!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Ground Kontrol is temporarily closed. But when it opens again, come join me for a fun Modern but Retro Arcade night.  

And that's one of the ways we are Keeping Portland Weird.

And so it goes

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