Friday, July 02, 2010


Finally received the pathology report. Benign!

Now I have to tell you, getting this news was not easy. The arrogant surgeon decided the news wasn't important enough to call me and tell me. Instead he apparently has mailed the info to me. It was only my calling multiple places trying to find the news that I heard.

I don't like this doctor. How rude!


Successful Surgery

It's been seven days since I had breast surgery and I am doing very well. The incision--about 4" across my left breast--isn't very painful and I think I am doing well. I still get tired more easily but I am doing more and more each day.

The doctor told Doug that he removed all the tumor, with no cells left behind. I am still waiting to hear the pathology report, but even if it turns out to be malignant, we are finished. The way I see it, the only way to successfully deal with a phyllodes tumor is to remove it. It is removed. Chances of recurring are less than 35 percent, so I am totally done here :)

The only real problem I am having is removing myself from Vicodin. I had this problem with oxycodone as I recovered from knee replacement in 2006. It took me months to withdraw from that drug. I was very careful, only using the Vicodin when needed. Since I didn't have that much pain, I only took maybe three-four a day for four days. This is my third day of withdrawal symptoms. I guess I have to accept that if I take any narcotic for pain, my body will fall in love with it and I will have to go through withdrawals.

Another problem is with my surgeon. I received a call from his nurse, canceling our check-up appointment. He fobbed me off to another doctor; my surgeon is now not available until sometime in August. The nurse didn't understand why this was offensive to me.

Ahh well. The rumor is removed, I'm not in much pain beyond the queasy stomach, anxiousness, and body sweats from narcotic withdrawal, and I've been able to sew quite a bit :) Too bad the surgeon didn't remove about a third from my right breast as well. Maybe give both of them a little lift...