Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Clothes

School starts soon and my grandgirl needs to look spiffy for her first days of first grade. Together we went to the fabric store and selected the patterns, selected the fabric, and I sat by my sewing machine for a few days solid like a good gramma. She now has five unique things for school.

The girl has taste! The poodle skirt was the first to be selected, then the minty green one. The purple dress is a jumper...the model didn't have an undershirt. Looks a little funny but still cute.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living the Ad Campaign

I have been fearful of getting on the scales. I didn't want to read the numbers. But yesterday morning I decided to Just Do It! I was pleasantly surprised that I had not gained as much as I had tried to gain. I say "tried" because obviously I was working very hard at it... Glad I wasn't successful. I was 10 pounds up from my lowest point.

I thought about this amount--a small drop in a much larger bucket--and realized I could easily drop those new old pounds in a very short time. Yes I Can! So yesterday I went back to weighing food, measuring amounts, and eating just a little bit less. Of course I had to Obey My Thirst, so I stayed hydrated much better than I had been as well. And when the weather hits 100 like it did yesterday, that water is Good 'Til the Last Drop.

It is interesting how we often abuse ourselves without even thinking. We sabotage the very thing we want to accomplish. If you think about it, progress is a Terrible Thing to Waste. We all want to Be All We Can Be. So I am back on the trail of good health. Amazing how our resolve can wane; It Takes a Licking but Keeps on Ticking.

I can do this. Each time I walked past the 'fridge with my cute thin picture hanging next to the drawing made by my grandgirl, Kaity, I said out loud, Yes I Can!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Discouraged But Not Lost

Last spring I went to the coast with Doug and we had a good time. But, having lost 40 pounds, I thought I could buy myself a new top or two. What I discovered is that 40 pounds didn't get me anything new. Everything still looked icky or too tight. I realized after coming home that I had lost some of the sight of my goal. I was discouraged. And talking about it made me realize how stupid that sounded so I didn't write about it.

But that is not the dumbest part of this journey... I hesitate to write how stupid I am, but I promised myself to pay attention to the journey. So here it is.

I mentioned that my sister has lost over 100 pounds this past year. I am very glad for her and proud that she has worked so hard to achieve so much. But... Okay here's the stupid part. But I have always been the thin one. She is the smart one and I am the thinner one. Now she is thinner than me and doing things I used to do but no longer do. She is sort of living my life rather than me living my life. And all this discouraged me. It should spur me on, but it doesn't.

Okay my complete idiocy is now out there for me to explore. Have gained about 10 pounds back but am holding and working on regaining momentum. I found a picture of myself from 13 years ago and posted it on my 'fridge as a reminder of my goal. I remember liking that feeling of thin :)