Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Realized...

I read a story in the paper yesterday about a woman who was celebrating the 25th anniversary of her discovery of some cure for some disease and it made me realize that I was harboring the hopes of someday doing something phenomenal like that. I didn't realize I was harboring that hope before I read that article. But there it there a little bit. And I realized I was almost ready to let that one go. That I would never accomplish something amazing like find a cure for a disease, make significant changes in the world or universe. Almost ready to let that one go.

But then I also realized that I would never put on a backpack and walk around in Europe, would never roam from hostel-to-hostel. That I would never travel by hitchhiking across the States. I realized that I would never drop acid, never run the Boston marathon, and would always regret that I didn't get to Woodstock.

Not feeling my mortality but just making note of things that are past their prime in my life.

And so it goes...peace~~~

Thursday, July 07, 2011

We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

A good Internet friend has been going through tough times. She lost her job and lost her house. Fortunately she is a strong well-centered woman who has great friends. One great friend gave her a home to live on her property. The property is great with horses and dogs and lots of space. Unfortunately the house isn't spacious. My friend moved from a three-bedroom home to a one-bedroom cottage. But she painted it up nice and it is cozy! She is starting to readjust and regroup.

I thought she might need some positive energy surrounding her, so I made her this lap quilt. I called it Staying Centered, because we all need reminding on occasion. I hope the cool calming colors--they remind me of a lush forest somehow--will help her remember how much she is loved.