Friday, May 15, 2009

Things are Looking Up

We are home after a very long intensive week in Pittsburgh. We found a nursing center for Doug's mother where she will be tended to and safe. It is a very nice place where the residents are treated with care and dignity. Doug's father--who was so sleep deprived that he was acting desperate at times--has guilt from moving her to a nursing center, but he is finally getting some sleep. They have been married for 65 years. That is a long long time to be with someone and he is realizing slowly how lonely he feels, even after only a few days.

Doug's mother has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She knows people but loses space and time. She is often searching for her Mother or some pet they had many years ago. She gets agitated when she can't do something and can get mildly violent (yells and throws things) if she gets too agitated. Our task this past week was to help Doug's dad find a living place, to allow him to have some rest, and to just spend time with both of them.

Doug's brothers and sister were at odds with us. We learned that their father was not also losing it, but that he just had no had sleep for weeks. They felt he needed to also be moved into a home. But I found him to be sharp and remarkably aware of things. He's slow in talking but not slow in thinking. One sister-in-law harshly said Doug and I were enabling him by listening to him and reassuring him that we understood; she and his brother felt we should instead be telling him what and how to do things. But we spent most of our time just listening to him.

I have come to understand that listening is the key to all communication. We teach people how to speak and interact--that is my job--but we really don't teach people how to listen. Truly listening is such a pleasure. And it is exhausting. Doug's father wanted to know why I "get it" when his own children didn't. They stopped listening.

Also, I told him, I am not his kid. That is an important piece. He feels that because they are his children, they should trust him and listen and understand. Of course they should. But I have the advantage of not being his kid. I don't have to get through my own stuff to listen to him. I don'thave to fight my image and perception of him as my father, as his kid. I don't have to deal with my concern that he isn't who he was when I was 10. I don't have to deal with losing him as my father and dealing with my own mortality. He didn't understand that until I happened to call my own mother. My mother and I are good friends. But I found myself getting irritated while she talked because she wasn't getting things right...she was confused and I wanted to make sure she understood better. And then I smiled to myself and sat back with the phone and breathed. It didn't matter these little details. We could push each others' buttons because I was her kid and she was my mother. So I sat back and listened to her as well.

We got home late Tuesday night and were back at work early Wednesday. Exhausted--both emotionally and physically. I had a tense meeting with the PE department over dance studio space that should have been postponed for a day. I got on the scales yesterday morning and simply said, "Hmmm I have some work to do." And I will do that work. But not today. Not without a bit more rest.

And the beat goes on. Peace~~

Monday, May 04, 2009

Family Fun

Doug's parents were lost and missing for over 24 hours. Between the police, Doug's brother and sister, and Doug they were found--wandering and confused--and are now back home, safe thank goodness.

Doug and I are leaving at 3 am this morning for Pittsburgh to help them find good living arrangements, to spend time with them, and to support Doug's brothers and sister. Getting old is hell.

Send us positive energy~~~

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Positively Meltdown

Things that went very well this week:
  1. I had seven good days for food. I ate very well and followed program. I planned, scheduled, and posted.
  2. I continued to follow my walking training program and make little moves forward every day. I can walk around the whole park now in 20 minutes. One and a half weeks ago I couldn't walk around the park at all.
  3. I rode my stationary bike on the nonwalk-training days.
The rest of the story:
  1. I had a complete mental meltdown on Friday, continued it on Saturday, and I don't want to move from my chair today. I cried and had trouble functioning. But I did function and went to work and went out Saturday and played with my grandgirl and I have worked on my class since I woke up at 4 am this morning. But I lost it.
  2. I gained another 5 pounds. My poor little fingers are swollen up like sausages.
  3. Doug's parents are quickly declining and we are certain he will need to go back east to Pittsburgh within the next couple weeks to help them move into an assisted living situation. They are both 89.
  4. We are flying down south to spend a few days with my mother over Mother's Day. We couldn't afford to fly at the last minute back to Pittsburgh and I wanted to see my mommy. So we are off for a few days.
  5. I haven't been sleeping very well lately. This comes and goes. Right now it is coming. Soon it will be going :)
  6. My grandgirl is the best thing since sliced bread. I need a dose of her every day. We went to Oaks Park last weekend. Oaks Park is a great place. Some friends of ours were playing at a benefit concert and we went to support the cause and the friends. We brought Kaity along so she could play on the carnival rides. That girl is fearless! The higher faster spinnier it is, the better she likes it. I have a great video of her telling me about one ride. I'll post it if I can figure out how to do that. Oh I know how to post...but the camera is new and I don't know yet how to download and edit :)
So life goes on. I have these periods of total meltdown...they go away. They come back. Anxiety. Headache. Can't really function but I manage to function. I am going to talk to someone in Employee Assistance Program this week and find out what's going on. I think I am on the verge of a breakdown. Serious. Gotta prevent that.

And the beat goes on :)