Monday, May 04, 2009

Family Fun

Doug's parents were lost and missing for over 24 hours. Between the police, Doug's brother and sister, and Doug they were found--wandering and confused--and are now back home, safe thank goodness.

Doug and I are leaving at 3 am this morning for Pittsburgh to help them find good living arrangements, to spend time with them, and to support Doug's brothers and sister. Getting old is hell.

Send us positive energy~~~


GARI said...

My prayers are with you but glad your husband can deal hands on with this problem. He will feel better.

Crispy said...

OmGosh Dori how scary for you two and for them too!! I'm so glad you can get out there and get them settled into a safer situation.

Positive energy heading your way.


Myra said...

That is so scary. Sending all the positive thoughts and prayers I can muster.

Lynn W. said...

It sounds like this is what they need, but what a frightning way to get there. Love, prayers and positive thoughts for you and Doug while you are away. Love, Sis

Debi said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Doug. Be safe in your travels.