Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Feral Ones

By now everyone knows that shoes and socks go feral.  Shoes seems to jump out of the car unexpectedly and socks...socks are just sly.  They leave sometime after the washer but before the dryer.  Or they slip out as we take them out of the dryer.  Or they go free-range through the lint filter and air vent.  We also know there are packs of shoes and of socks out there, roaming the streets together.  But the problem lies when once these feet covers leave the pack.  It could be a falling out.  It could be that they were sadly left behind ("Save yourselves," the holey sock might whisper...) They do not fully realize that once they have left the pack, they are not safe.  They are stranded along the side of the road, hoping to find a partner, hoping to find another like them...

So we all know about these feral socks and shoes.  But I didn't realize the same thing happens to orange and yellow safety cones.  It is so sad to see one out and away from any civilization, any real construction, leaning against the freeway retaining wall or laying crumpled in the emergency strip.  I can only imagine how down and out these cones can get on their own.  I would expect them to at least try, to hold signs that say, "Will secure for food" or something.  But there they are, face-down in the freeway gutters.

And so it goes...peace~~~
retaining wall
retaining wall

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

On Retirement

I thought when I retired I would have lots of time to blog.  I thought I would have lots of time to quilt.  I thought I would have lots of, well, time. 

Turns out I don't have lots of time at all.  My life has turned upside down for the past year and sometimes I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I haven't finished a quilt since October, 2012.  I haven't written here since June 2012.  I haven't written on my Online Diary since October.

I expect to get my act together any day now :)