Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

It has been quite a while since I have participated in a quilting swap with anyone. I have a large group of people on an online quilting forum--The Quilting Bee--on Delphi Forums. I used to swap fabrics or blocks or play Secret Sister. But I just moved away from all the playful activities when my work situation got so crazy. I didn't have the money or patience to play.

So when the Quilting Gallery posted they were doing a Mug Rug swap, I thought it would be a fun and easy swap. The "mug rugs" are 6"x10" quilts that are made to hold a mug of coffee or tea and a muffin or cookies. A quilted snack tray, in a sense. They looked fun and so simple. We are to make two--they don't have to match, coordinate, or even look good together. It can be any design, from a full crazy quilt to a pieced design.

I made they first one in all batiks, appliqueing a circle on the mug side and then piecing stripes on the second side. I decided to use a grey quilting thread and stitch 1/4 from the seams, then around the circle.

The second one I made with a wonky star and a braided chain. I thought about all braided--I really like the beauty of the braiding. But the wonky star called out to me. I decided to stitch in the ditch and discovered I am not longer very good at this skill! Obviously I should SITD more often! Both rugs were made from pieces of scrap, including the little backing.

I will send these off to my secret rug partner, probably Tuesday as I want to write a little note and perhaps find a little Made in Oregon gift. The gift isn't necessary, but it is fun.

So now that I have played a bit, procrastinating writing the exam for tomorrow's class...