Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's All About Summer

I love summer. I love the smell of summer, the long hot days, sunshine. I love the freedom summer brings. The days stay around long enough to allow adventures to happen. Even if they don't happen, the potential is there. Games played with the rules changing after dark. Swinging high enough to touch your toes to the tree leaves. Green and yellow and flowers laughing in the sun. Friends and family spontaneously visiting, staying for hot dogs. Laughter until it is too dark to see one another. Swimming and camping and just being.

Fall is nature grieving the loss of summer. Winter is just there...waiting for summer to arrive again. And spring is hopeful, celebrating summer's soon arrival.

And then there is summer again and sunshine and laughter.

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Gari said...

Is this what happens to you when school starts up again?