Sunday, June 24, 2012


Oh oh cruising through blogs is so much more fun than the report I need to write for tomorrow.  It will be my final instructor assessment report.  But that is not why I am procrastinating.  I am procrastinating because I don't want to write it!

I observed a good instructor...good interactive class...  So it's not why I am procrastinating.  It will be a good report.  But hmmm....  I'm tired of writing them :)  I have written 23 reports since September.  Twenty-three reports.  Most department chairs write two a term, total of six a year.  But I made it my mission to catch up the former department chair's assessment reports.  So, 23.  As he returns, he has to be happy they are all caught up.  And I can walk away knowing I don't have to do any more!

Meantime, I have one more to write.  I'd rather be outside riding bikes :)  Picture me like that kid who is standing at the window looking out as he is holding his violin, watching his friends play ball...


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