Saturday, May 28, 2016

More High Drama in Apartment Living

Yesterday Zoë got a couple of boosters so we could send her to doggy jail while we visit Catalina Island.  Poor thang just got sick...lethargic and hardly moving, tail hanging down and head scooting along the floor.  The head thing wasn't that big a stretch as she is pretty close to the ground already.  She is much better today.  Still feeling punky but better.  Poor lil thang.

With living for six weeks at a time in an apartment, I have been learning some of the joys. Someone new moved in down the way and now I find dog pooh in the grass.  Oh yeah Zoë is interested, trying to learn who is around.  She's happy to do pee-overs on those spots, but the pooh is a problem.  Oh not for her but for me.  Kids play in the grassy areas.  I walk there with my pup at night before we go to bed. Who does that??  What type of people don't clean up after their dogs?

I think of all the things about apartment living, it is the noise that is the hardest for me.  Not just living noises--people come and go and are generally considerate of others in different times of the day.  I am talking about the loud-talking and drama that happens after I go to bed.  

I have a new upstairs neighbor.  She lives next door to my friend who has a problem with alcohol (he has been clean and sober now for over three months, has a great job in a vet's office, and is happy again) and directly overhead of me.  I expected creaks and groans, living noises.  What I didn't expect was to listen to her phone conversations like she was sitting in my living area.  She is a loud-talker.  I can turn up my music in the daytime to drown her out but can't at 3 a.m.  I can tune out her friends visiting, but not at 2 a.m. as they stand outside my window talking and laughing as they stall their goodbyes.  See, she has this habit of allowing her friends to park in her parking space and then she parks along the side of the apartments in the red-zone.  Then when they leave, she returns her car to her spot.  Hours the car is there and no one in management notices because all is back to normal by morning.  But last night was different...

Last night she got caught.  I heard loud crashes around 9:30-10:30.  I heard her screaming and cursing at someone, with a male voice answering.  I heard things moving upstairs overhead.  More screaming and cursing.  I ignored it...just life and shaking my head...until I couldn't any longer.  I peeked out the window.  Tow truck, towing off her illegally parked car.  She was livid.  "I was just here for only a minute as I was unloading my groceries!  This is BS!  I will call the police!"  The tow company said to go ahead and call the police.  She did, screaming into the phone how it was all BS.  The car was just there for a minute as she unloaded her groceries.

Of course I looked and of course a truck was parked in her space, a space that is directly behind her stairs, a space that is about 10 steps from those stairs.  Of course she had to unload the groceries there because there was a big truck in her space!  The fact that both the car and the truck had been in their respective spots for at least an hour...well can't help her there.  Maybe she had a ton of groceries to unload.

I did turn on my ocean sounds machine and the pup and I settled down for the night.  Poor lil Zoë slept under the bed most the night and never barked.  I don't know how the story ended because I fell asleep. Damn!  But whatever happened between 11 pm and 7 am, her car was parked in her space and there was no big truck anywhere.

Did it really happen or did I just dream it all?  LOL

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