Monday, January 15, 2018

And the Little One Rules the Roost

I have an only-pup.  She loves to lap-around and has her specific settle-spots when we are at home in Portland.  We also have a large yellow-mellow kitty who mostly ignores the only-pup but Only-Pup sometimes can't ignore him...he likes to get into her settle-spots on occasion.  Kitty ambles off when Pup makes a stink.  Rarely do they settle together.  And while she thinks she rules the house, Tyler at twice her size, would beg to differ.  It's a near match.

This week I am house/pet sitting for my sister and brother-in-law while they are in Ghana.  Patrick's mother died this past spring and they are there for the memorial ceremony.  Patrick is GA.  So I am tending to Ace, a two-and-a-half year old German Shephard, and Joy, a little nine-month old kitty.  So far it has been an adventure.

Ace and Zoe are pals.  Ace loves my little girl and my little girl tolerates Ace.  There are moments of great play.  When they are in the (fenced) backyard, Ace runs like a wild dog.  He rips across the lawn, up the embankment, around the side of the house and back again.  Speed of light!  Zoe, always the dainty lil thang, makes a half-hearted attempt at running after him.  She usually just runs at him when he runs past.  Ace thinks Zoe is now the fun yard-mate and runs even faster, kneeling down in engagement, bouncing back up.  Yes, he does remind me a bit of Tigger...  

Joy is a loving imp.  She used to follow Ace around and swipe at his tail while he was sleeping.  Ace wasn't really thrilled about that but the two of them live in tolerance.  Joy is used to my great nephews trying to get her for some lovin and pettin.  Joy isn't really thrilled with that either.  Joy knows how to run away!  But Joy looooves my sister, snuggles up to her and gets her head rubbed.  

Joy began her journey with Zoe by chasing her tail, creeping up on her and batting at the white fuzzy tail, sticking out her tongue and running.  Zoe would happily chase her, both laughing the way cats and dogs can do.  Until it no longer became fun for Joy.  Now it is running for dear life from the grrrr-girl.  See, Zoe is used to having me all to herself and here these upstarts want in on the lovin.  She takes it as an upfront to her space, her person.  Her! Person!

Boy howdy.

Bedtime...a time for peace and quiet.  Until Joy wants to snuggle on the king-sized bed.  Grrrrr-girl is off and running.  Of course, she can't get up onto the bed without help. Periodically this event happens.  And after a while I become the grrrr-girl.  And then there's the 5:45 wake up.  Ace is in my face, Zoe is on my back.  Both are telling me, "Hey!  Now's the time!!"  I am definitely the grrr-girl then and make them wait until at least 6:45.  Somehow I am more tired here than at my apartment while south.  *rolling eyes*

Late evenings is the calm time.  Last evening Zoe was on the love seat.  Ace was on the recliner.  Joy was up on her Joy-perch.  All was sweet in the world.

So the adventures continue.  Their favorite time is when I let them outside.  Unfortunately I can't allow Joy outside (and she rrreeeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy wants to go) and can't allow Zoe out alone because of coyote danger.  And treat time.  I forget that Ace is a really long dog and he found the bedtime chewies.  Ate a good five of them before I realized he could get them.  *rolling my eyes again*  And the pooh!  Good gawd big dogs pooh a lot!

But overall, we are having a good time.  And Zoe truly does rule the roost.  She keeps Ace in line.  She keeps Joy on her toes.  She gets scolded and is a really good pup for a short while.  Then forgets.

It's a good thing she's cute.

Zoe and Doug: one of her settle-spots

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BethE said...

Aww, she is cute! Life would be dull without the fur babies.