Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a little step at a time...

Weigh-in was fine. I dropped the 1.5 I had gained over the holidays followed by another one, for a total of 2.2 pounds. But I decided to wear a lighter did I really lose or was it the skirt? Doesn't matter. I am doing just fine and whether or not the scales show it, I am losing :)

Soon I need to have that massage owed to me for the last 15 pounds. My body really needs it! Classes are going well. I am teaching one class in the traditional classroom and one online. Each has drawbacks and advantages. But the different modes is challenging until the term gets going.

Went out to buy a car with Doug today. It was cold and my hands and toes were freezing. Finally warmed up when we went out into the hot tub. Life is good :)

New picture shows...I dunno. Nothing as dramatic as the first few weeks. And of course no one can notice the body changes yet. That will be another 25 pounds or so. But because he has been looking at and helping me select which picture to post, Doug notices changes all over. Sometimes he notices something before I do. He's such a great guy :)

peace~~ Take care of one another this week, okay?


GARI said...

Congratulations, again. Little by little we are heading toward our goal. and thanks for the nice comments on my quilts. It has been so nice to have quilting time again.

Wilma NC said...

I think every time you lose a pound it comes to me!!! I gained 7 pounds over the holidays, and I really did try not to overeat. BUT, I didn't weigh every day like I usually do, so it kinda got away from me. I have got to get back in a groove.You're lookin good!!