Friday, January 16, 2009

Slipping into the Zone

Not sure why but I am going well through this past few weeks. Not complaining at all! LOL Nope, but I am clear sailing. This week weight in was down another 1.5 pounds. In the past if I had felt so out of the loop I would probably jave quit, or stay with meetings but eventually quit because "why waste the money?" I didn't quit this time because it is about the journey. I am committee to follow this river wherever it takes me.

My sister had decided to have a stomach band. One of the requirements is that the person has to eat a certain way and lost weight before the surgery. She had lost 85 pounds before the surgery, which was scheduled for Wednesday. But at the pre-op, the doctor said she was doing so well with the weight loss that they are waiting another six months to re-examine if there is a need for surgery. I am glad. She is relieved but sad, if you know what I mean.

I am still in search of a good haircut since I allowed my hair to go grey and it now grows straight as a board. I hate perms. I hate the stink of perms mostly. And the hassle. And I hate to mess with hair. I never used any products in my hair because it just curled perfectly. Now I have to use products. So my new style probably won't need any stuff in the hair. The weird thing is that the back is still curly, the top straight and flat. Perhaps I should ask my hairdresser to come over every morning and give it that flow dry lift...

This is today's picture from my weekly pics. Oh yeah I am having eye surgery in a month. I might not need glasses afterwards as they are going to fix the astigmatism as well as replace the lens in my left eye. So I am wearing eye make up once again so I have some color in this fave in case I don't need glasses! I am soooooo tricky, eh?



Myra said...

Now I can really tell a difference in this photo. Love the hair.

Wilma NC said...

Congrats!!! I like your hair too.

GARI said...

You are doing just great!! And, I really like your hair as it is in the picture. It could be because it is a lot like I wear mine: easy. Pretty soon you will look just like my daughter. LOL

Jan said...

You look great!! Congrats on the weight loss!!!