Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's the Journey

Now it is time to put on borders.  I wanted something to contain all the pieces but not add to the confusion.  So, I used a dark small border to frame the top.  But the quilt is a bit wild and I wanted to let that continue.  So I used the wonderful fabric that I had found in my first attempt to converge.  I do love this fabric!

The finished top is long twin sized.  I have a neutral backing for it.  I will be donating this quilt to my college's Christmas Adopt-a-Family program.  Some of my quilting friends and I make a quilt for every child in the program.  Last year we gave away 48 quilts plus as many pillowcases.  It is larger quilts for the teens that are often too short.  I think a teen will love this crazy colorful quilt :)

It was a fun journey to get here.


Jan said...

I like this quilt---love bright and colorful as you probably remember!!! Some teenager will love it!

Debi said...

Very nice Dori, I love the movement in this quilt.