Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looking for Some Action

It is time to put the pieces together in this quilt.  After a long think, I realized I didn't want anything that would compete with the strips themselves, but wanted something that added color.  I also wanted something that would give it some movement.  Ah-ha!  Flying Geese!

 I selected as many bright colors as possible to make the geese.  I didn't have a more beige background, but the off-white would have to do. There are so many methods of making Flying Geese.  I used the Eleanor Burns' Flying Geese method (see instructions), making four geese at a time.  I don't have her small Flying Geese ruler but it worked out just fine.  I made enough for two rows of geese.

In the middle strip I wanted something different and remembered the Bow Tie pattern.  Both it and Flying Geese are simple and yet can bring something good to the table.  This pattern can bring color and movement to the quilt top.

I made one row of the Bow Tie to run down the middle.  Now let's see how they all look together:

I like it!  Next step is the borders...  I have to look through my stash and find fabric that will bring it all together.


Maria said...

WOW Love your bright quilt.

Gari said...

I love how you have the geese going in different directions.

Wilma NC said...

Very cool and very original!!!