Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Celery of Life the morning went as usual......we woke up later than we had planned. We are heading out to San Antonio, TX to spend a few days and wanted to make sure everything was in order before we left. Never been there and I love old missions. And the Alamo. And a bit of warmth after the very cold windy days here lately. We dropped off the dog at the pet sitters (I had taken the cats to the kitty jail already. They were so happy to go that they sang and laughed very loudly all the way there) and headed to the Park n Fly lot. So far, so good. But the airport was crazy. I watched everyone of us get all excited about those little things, standing in a long line to get xray-zapped...rushing to the gate so you can sit and wait. You know, all those things that make us crazy.  It reminded me of my Celery of Life analogy.....

The Celery of Life
Work is over and you have a ‘few things’ to get at the grocery. You enter the busy-cause-everyone-is-stopping-for-a-few-things-after-work store with your shopping list in hand and rush to grab a grocery cart - usually out of the hands of someone seemingly weaker than you. The front right wheel wobbles a bit, slightly dragging the cart to the right so that you have to fight a straight walk. And you consider offering this cart benevolently to that little old woman you knocked over in order to grab it.....but realize there are no other carts.....and you move off through the masses.

You first walk through the produce department for the onion, then on to the bakery department. Then you meander up and down the isles, searching for just the right box of cereal....slowly moving, searching all the shelves, weaving back and forth in an effort to avoid a head-on collision with the other shoppers.

Suddenly, out of the blue, unexpectedly (redundancy is good) the cart stops! You are flung against it, your body doubled over the handlebar. The surprise throws you and you almost lose your breath. You shake the cart, try to move forward again and...nothing. You try to move the cart backwards, then forwards and...nothing. Your blood pressure rises and you start to sweat, to swear, shaking the cart, bouncing it up and down and...nothing.

You bend down to examine the front right wheel and find a little piece of celery has lodged in the hub....lean down and pluck it out. You stand, smooth your clothing, look around and smile at the other shoppers, then continue on your way.....

How many things every day take us by surprise and we immediately react as if this was the biggest deal in the world...only to find it is simply a small piece of celery lodged in our hub that really only takes a plucking out and moving on.


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