Sunday, April 05, 2015

Someone Has To

Lilacs are in bloom!
Happy Easter to you :)
Happy Spring to you :)

I came home Friday from southern California visiting my mother and needed to gather things for my family's Easter dinner.  I bought chocolate.  I bought a little cute soft cuddly stuffed bunny.  I bought candy corn and jelly beans.  I bought eggs.  Lots of eggs.  I bought egg dye and new egg cups.

And then when I called her, my grandgirl, at 11.5, didn't want to come dye eggs with me.  She told me she is "too old to dye eggs, Mamaw."  Oh sadness.  I didn't know anyone was ever too old to dye eggs.

I tried putting together all their little baskets without coloring the eggs.  It just looked wrong...  So I set it all up and dyed them myself!  Now their little baskets look happy. 


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Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, one is never too old to dye eggs. Happy Easter.