Friday, March 06, 2015

I know, right?

It was a good flight on the way home from Southern California last Saturday morning.  By "good flight" I mean I had enough room to sit and sew my English paper pieces, read my NOOK, and sip some Diet Coke.  My seatmate was kind and quiet and slept most the way.  Since I was ill with a cold, I had promised her I wouldn't breathe in her direction.

The woman across the aisle was very friendly with her seatmate and they chatted the entire flight.  I was happy for both and glad she wasn't my seatmate.  After about an hour, I noticed that the friendly woman repeatedly said, "I know, right?" to about everything the seatmate said.  And it started me thinking about that phrase (since I could no longer ignore it).

I know, right?

The urban dictionary says the phrase means:  "An affirmation that you agree with or can relate to the preceding statement. It can be used whether the speaker actually knows or not, but in the latter case it usually means that the speaker can attribute the preceding statement to themselves as well"

Facebook has a site with this title.

It's been around since the late 20th century, according to other websites.  Movies have used it, TV shows have used it.  So, it's now a part of our language.  Moving on to the next big thing.

peace and love~~
I know, right?

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rwk1950 said...

You do know!