Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Every Once in a While You Need a Little DayQuil

Working on Day Seven of the cold.  I'm not whining nor complaining.  Just stating the fact that I am working on Day Seven of the cold.  I know I am getting better because the DayQuil is actually helping.  Yay for Day Seven!

On Friday, February 20, I was walking into Macy's from the Vancouver WA mall.  My toe caught on a small lip that separated the store from the mall.  Since I have not yet learned how to tuck and roll with a fall, I splayed across the store's floor, face smashing against the floor, pushing my glasses into my eye (thank goodness they didn't break and now I would be blind but whooooo what a settlement I would have received!  LOL), smashing my cheek, arms and knees against the tile floor.  No one from Macy's came over to help, but three older gentlemen and two teenaged girls came running from the mall to see if I was okay and help me up.  I eventually got off the floor, checked for broken things, and walked out of the store.  My heart was pounding as I sat in the car, waiting for the adrenaline to calm down.  I immediately called my chiroguy, but the office closed for the weekend at was 12:58 when I called.  I tried calling my daughter-in-law to ask about her chiroguy but she was out of the office.  I tried calling my partner, but he was still out to lunch.  So I drove home and put ice on my knees, which were both already swelling into big fat bowling balls.

Once she called me back, my daughter-in-law called her chiroguy for me and set up an appointment for later that afternoon.  It was important for me to immediately see the chiroguy because I was heading down to Southern California on Monday and I knew if I didn't see him now, I wouldn't be able to walk or move much for a much longer time.  She then asked if I had told anyone at Macy's about the fall.  I didn't even think about stopping and telling people I fell.  I just wanted to get home.  So she did that for me as well.

The chiroguy did miracles and I felt better.  I knew by day three that I was doing better because the ibuprofen was actually taking some of the pain away.  I was stiff while down south but it was livable.  Bruises finally showed up in my knees and arms.  I had been able to get my glasses fixed before I left, so they were good to go.  And then I came down with this cold.

I finally talked to Macy's and told the woman there that I was doing okay.  I also told her I was seeing my own chiroguy today so I would have a better idea how I was feeling.  When I saw him, he said I was extremely tight on my right side and I will see him again on Saturday so he can better assess how I am doing.  No pain?  Of course not!  The extra ibuprofen and the DayQuil, NyQuil at night, were all masking any pain I had going on.  So apparently this case isn't closed yet.  We will see.

Meanwhile, I am thankful still for DayQuil because today I am not mouth-breathing and don't want to just sit and nap.  Yay for Day Seven!


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