Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's Always Sunny in California

There is something so delightfully wonderful about seeing spring and sunshine and the early bloom of yellow flowers.  They are simply happy.  

Mom with a new haircut: stylin!
They definitely brightened my spirits this morning as I woke up with a cold.  Cleaning my hands with disinfectant and wearing a mask, I was able to visit my mother, but my body wanted to head back to bed.  So my visit was short but so sweet!  Mom was spending the morning in the activity room, first doing trivia--she loves trivia--and then eating lunch with others in the room.  And finally she was looking forward to listening to Chaplain Tom read.  It is a long full morning.  I am so pleased to see her getting out of her room and socializing more.  This is progress.

One last thing I wanted to say is how fun it is to watch those to whom you make a quilt open it and use it.  My nephew, Nathan, and his family came over to visit me while I was down south in California.  

Penny and bear under covers
Nathan and his family
I was able to meet Samuel and play with Penny.   We had a good dinner of pizza and chatter.  Unfortunately my sister had to teach a night class.  So I got to bond with her newest grandbaby without gramma interference.

Penny loved her pink teddy bear and wrapped it with her new quilt.  They sent me a picture of Penny under her new quilt when she went to bed.  Delightful!


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