Monday, February 02, 2015

The End of the Party Season Party

My brother-in-law asked me if we were going to have a Super Bowl party.  I asked him why I would want to do this.  He said "Super Bowl!"  And I asked again why I would want to do this.  I don't watch football, except when I am visiting him and my sister.  Then we watch lots of football and soccer and baseball and basketball.  But left to my own devices, I don't watch football.

But then I started thinking.  Super Bowl means the kids coming over, eating food, laughing.  Why not?  I asked both of my sons if they wanted to host the game.  They each have humungous televisions that when you watch something on it, you feel you are in the same place as the screen--the same room if the show is in a room, the same field if the show is in a field.  We just have a relatively small television.  Neither wanted us to come over there (cleaning, preparing food, other party-things that need to be done) so we decided to have it over here.  So then I got into it.

I found a recipe for football cookies.  I am not really very crafty but they looked simple enough for me and if they looked silly, no one would do more than laugh at me while they scarfed them up.  So I decided we needed these.  First I started with peanut butter cookies.  Flatten them down into the shape of a football.  Actually I exaggerated the shape because I figured they would puff out. As you can see, I tried to be authentic by having some a bit deflated footballs and others fully inflated...

Then I mixed one quarter cup peanut butter into a tub of chocolate frosting.  I smeared this frosting onto the cooled cookies.

After that set a bit, I added the white frosting that came in a tube.  Unfortunately I didn't read the tube instructions that said I needed some sort of tip to put on the tube to decorate as I wanted, so my lacing was a bit thick.  Better to grasp the ball, right?  TaDa!  Football cookies!

I decided to order bake-at-home pizza, add some bean/layered dip and celery, some Lay's potato and tortilla chips, hot cheese dip, and salsa.  I baked some mini-corn dogs.  I roasted mushrooms.  I tossed in a salad (that no one touched so I had a great lunch today) and some deviled eggs, strawberries and we were good to go!  Oh yeah...and we celebrated my sons' birthdays (February 5) as well, so I had some slices of cake and cards as well.

My grandgirl and her friend hung around upstairs with the Kitten Bowl and their iPads.  They also created their own pizzas. Turned out pretty good, too. 
So we yelled at the television, yelled at the coaches, cheered our team, booed that last play (what were they thinking??  But knew if they had made that touchdown, we would never have questioned anything), and walked away with a good afternoon.  No family fights.  No disagreements.  Pup was happy that all her favorites were here to pat her head.  I was happy that all my favorites were here to use up space. 

Gotta thank my brother-in-law for a good idea.  I was rooting for my Northwest team, but it was a great game even with that last (what were they thinking???) play.  Enjoyed the commercials for the most part.  Enjoyed the company the most.
I always think I have more hair than shows up.  What happened to the long red flowing crown?  One of the mysteries of life, eh?


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Angelnc Janie said...

Looks good love the football cookies my fav is always the Deviled eggs thanks for sharing