Friday, February 20, 2015

Penny For Your Thoughts

My younger nephew and his girlfriend just had their first baby.  His name is Samuel and he is beautiful.  I made a lovely quilt for him in Los Angeles Dodgers colors.

One for Penny
My nephew's girlfriend has a daughter.  Her name is Penny and she is probably the cutest person you have ever seen.  She is three-years-old, which is pretty cute in and of itself.  But she holds the cute factor at a stand-still with her own cuteness.  I felt she needed a quilt of her own.

I started out with a cool pattern that I found was--while not difficult--quite time consuming.  I had only a few days from start-to-finish.  So I searched through my patterns and remembered Eleanor Burns' Cyclone pattern.  You can find it here: Cyclone under Quilt in a Day/free patterns.  It is a fun pattern and quick to make.  I like how this one turned out for a little girl.

One for Samuel
So there is now a quilt for both the kids when I pull up to my sister's place next Monday.  Gosh I love babies!



loulee said...

Gotta love Eleanor Burns quilt in a day patterns, she makes it so easy

Scrappy quilter said...

Both wonderful. They are going to love them!

Bobbie B said...

love both your quilts and i reckon both children are going to love them .... well done ..