Saturday, February 07, 2015

Really, Should an Alcoholic Work in a Bar?

Yesterday I applied for a part-time job at Fabric Depot.  It is one of the largest retail shops that carries quilting weight fabrics as well as all sorts of clothing fabrics, wedding and gown fabrics, home improvement fabrics, and knitting and crochet yarns and supplies.  It is such a good company with happy welcoming sales people, that it just sounded like something I would like to do.  And the perk, besides talking with fabric people all the time, is employees get 40 percent off purchases.

I drove out to the store to turn in my cover letter and resume.  The manager to whom I would give these items was not there on some surprise problem with her car.  I was told I should come back later as they didn't know when she would arrive, but she would want to chat with me (in other words, don't leave the paperwork now and hope she sees it).  So I returned a few hours later and she was there.  

I smiled; she smiled.  I handed her the large manilla envelop with my paperwork to her and she took it, setting it aside as she continued to roll fabric back on a bolt.  I continued to smile; she continued to smile.  Unfortunately the sign that they were hiring was out of date.  She told me she had just hired six people, so hiring was at a waiting pattern.  I continued to smile as I said I understood.  There was an awkward moment until I said, "Okay.  Please give me a call when you have a chance to look over my paperwork."  I left smiling, even though I was disappointed.

But still...what an awesome job for someone like me.  But, really, should a fabriholic work in a fabric store?



Lynn W. said...

It's an idea place for a fabriholic to work! And while it may be addicting it definitely isn't fatal. I hope you get a call back soon.

SharonG/FL said...

They just missed a good opportunity to get rid of, er sell a lot of fabric.

Scrappy quilter said...

It would be a bad place for me to work. I'm afraid I wouldn't be bringing any pay check home. It would all go to purchasing material.