Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Haven't Paid Much Attention

I haven't paid much attention to cancers other than those that somehow touch me--breast cancer, melanoma, uterine cancer, leukemia, prostrate cancer.  I don't know much about the other types of cancer, just as I didn't know much about the ones that are part of my life or of my family.  But today I received news that a dear friend has been diagnosed with lymphoma, with no treatment options.  Today I learned a great deal about lymphoma.

I want to DO something.  I want to save her and the world of cancer--any cancer.  I want to send her flowers and happy baby quilts and loving words.  I want to sit by her bedside and sing soft songs.  I want to save her and save me.  I'm not ready to lose my friend.

Lymphoma is a cancer of a part of the immune system called the lymph system. There are many types of lymphoma. One type is Hodgkins disease. The rest are called non-Hodgkin lymphomas.  Hodgkins disease is the most curable.  If caught early enough, many non-Hodgkins are curable.

I have nothing to say, just damn damn damn.


Lynn W. said...

I concur with your sentiments. There are truly just no words. Sending love & hugs to you.


CathyDB said...

Damn, damn, damn pretty much describes my feelings too.

Valerie said...

You sure summed it up well, Doris. It's such a helpless feeling, knowing that nothing can be done.