Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weird Portland Wednesday: A Tiny House Hotel & a Beer Bus

Portland sports the first tiny house hotel?  Of course we do!  The Caravan has six custom-built tiny houses, which according to their website, "...are built on trailers with wheels and range in size from 100-200 square feet. Each has its own unique, creative and artistic features, plus a bathroom with a flush toilet and hot shower, electric heat, and a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, hot plate, and all of the basic kitchen and bathroom amenities."

The tiny houses are set in a circle around a communal area that has such things as a barbeque, a firepit, a hammock, chairs.  It is located in the Alberta Arts district and perfect for hitting local pubs and cafes (but why, since you have a kitchen!).  And get there in time to celebrate Last Thursday's Art Walk.

But what would be better for staying at a tiny house than to visit a bus that is now a pub?  The North Portland Bus is a fun idea, right down the road from my house.  A hotel on wheels deserves a pub on wheels.

We are all just doing our part to keep Portland weird.


Island Woman MJ said...

I love Portland! Big fun with the tiny house hotel and bar bus, wonderful photos!

Lorna McMahon said...

Cute, cute, cute!