Friday, August 21, 2015

Calling All Quilters

Wenatchee, Washington; photo by Don Seabrook / Wenatchee World
As most of you know, because of the drought conditions there are horrible fires throughout the NW: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.  There are so many out of control fires that there are not enough people to tend to them.  Thousands of people are losing their homes.  Three firefighters lost their lives in Washington; four more were injured.  Many smaller fires are going untended because there are not enough people to go around to fight them.  Firefighters from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are coming to help the fight.

photo by firefighter Richard Raz
With thousands of homes burned to the ground, thousands of victims of the fires are homeless, losing everything.  As a quilter, my thoughts turn to making something that will bring comfort and warmth: quilts.

Blog Layers of Hope: Quilting 911 is asking for donations of quilts for victims in Okanogan County, WA.  There are two major fires in this area, which is located in WA between Seattle and Spokane.  I have dedicated 13 quilts of various sizes to send.  Unfortunately, the majority of the quilts I have are smaller quilts and they are overrun with small quilts.  They need twin or larger.

They need:
1- Twin and Full sized quilts
2- Toddler Sized quilts
  (no longer needs smaller quilts
3-  Knit or Crochet caps

Those of you who want to send quilts to me to deliver, I will start mailing them in September.  If you need my address, please ask.

If you want to mail them directly:
Mail quilts to:

18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA 98579

Let's give back or pay forward.
photo by firefighter Richard Raz

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