Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weird Portland Wednesday--What's In a Car?

Never-Never Land Car with Extremo the Clown
I was just leaving the grocery store yesterday and noticed a car coming out of the parking lot.  It had a bazillion stickers all over the sides with all sorts of political and comical sayings, and little plastic figures--perhaps they were toy army figures or little dolls--riding proudly on the hood and roof.  As I passed him, he slipped in behind me.  I couldn't take a picture.  But the most interesting thing I noticed was more than the decorated car.  I noticed that no one was noticing.  No one was pointing, making comments, paying attention.

That's us...blasé to strange cars.  I mean, they are all over.  There's the Barbie car.  The Never-Never Land car.  The Fin car.  And so many more.

The Barbie Car

The Fin Car

Some Interesting Things Car
All those drivers, working hard to Keep Portland Weird.  Join us, will you?

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