Friday, April 15, 2016

Baaaaa Baaaaa She Said Sheepishly

I love a good quilt show.  I also love a not-as-good quilt show, but don't love it as much :)  I try to attend every show that is presented in Portland and then finger-out to other parts of the PNW.  This past weekend a friend and I attended the Clark County Quilters Show at the Clark County Fair Grounds, just north of Vancouver, WA.  Nice show. Smallish but showing gorgeous quilts, wallhangings, and art quilts.

As we wandered the aisles of vendors, I came across Williams Wools and Weaving.  Now I have seen this vendor at most the local shows.  Such cute sheep fabrics!  Such cute sheep figurines! And every time I have visited this vendor, I exclaim, "How cute!  Oh I love this fabric!"  I look at all the sheep figurines, picking one up, setting it down to pick up another.  And then I mosey on down to the next vendor.  

Well this time I didn't just mosey on past.  Oh I still exclaimed how cute everything was.  I still picked up the cute figurines.  But this time I bought fabric!  A cute sheep panel.  Two different sheep fabrics.  This time I had a quilt in mind.

I wanted a white with small blue polka-dot fabric to make the background for the flying geese--yes, I am still on a flying geese frenzy.  I searched all the vendors and could not find any at the show nor at Fabric Depot, where we visited afterwards.  Fortunately I had a white with large dots at home.  It looks pretty good.  And while we were at Fabric Depot, I found the nicest border print of a field full of spring flowers.

So now I have a cute sheep quilt, ready to be sandwiched and quilted.  Just waiting for some child to snuggle.


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