Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hands Around the World

A friend of mine was given a big bag of quilt blocks and fabric.  She doesn't sew and thought I would like to have the big bag of goodies.  HEY!  Who am I to turn down fabric?  When she brought the bag to me, I found 60 little figures--30 girl blocks and 30 boy blocks.  Each block was made scrappy, using different skin, clothing and background colors.  Heaven!

The bag also had some extra fabrics and a pattern the initial sewer had created.  I decided to follow her pattern to a degree, smaller and adjusted to my style.  She had all the boys and girls holding hands around the outside border, with stars and the earth in the center of the quilt.  I set the kiddles around on the design board and thought what I might want to do with the pattern.

I made a season for each of the corners.  Now I will start on the center medallion.  I am not sure how I will make it exactly, so I need to give it some thought.  

Meanwhile, I am making other tops.  I have a collection of 18 finished tops--many of them from friends who send them to me to finish and donate--waiting for the hypothetical quilting shed to be finished.  Hopefully it will arrive toward the end of this month.  Then we get to finish the insides!  Electricity, lighting, insulation, wallboards.  Then the machine will arrive.  And then cabinets and a table.  THEN I should be ready to actually use it ;)

Patience is a virtue...
Patience is a virtue...
Patience is a virtue...


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