Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Ocean at the End of the Trail

I think everyone has a place or space that gives them energy.  Mine is water; I'm a water baby.  Rivers.  Waterfalls.  Oceans.  Especially the ocean.  I can feel completely overwhelmed and the combination of the sand and the salt and the sea will remind me that my problems are nothing compared to nature.  All that vastness.

After six weeks apart, Doug and I decided to take the weekend together at the coast.  This time we went to Seaside, Oregon.  We usually go to Lincoln City but decided to mix things up.  In fact, we sent the pup to visit with our grandgirl for the night and had the whole time to ourselves.

The views:  Our hotel was right on the promenade and sand and the views of the ocean were wonderful. 

We knew the weather was going to be wet, so we were not surprised that the skies opened up as we walked along the boardwalk.  This iconic sight of Seaside shows the result of a lava flow, now covered with 
Looks lonely in want of children
trees and bushes.  Notice the beach is nearly empty.  Wet days will do that to a beach :)

There are more people walking the beach in the other direction, but it was very empty.  The day before with sunshine showed everyone out and about.

And I love the look of a grassy knoll at the beach.  So eastern U.S. beaches.

The Boardwalk and Promenade: Seaside is the official "End of the Lewis and Clark Trail," from their expedition in search of a NW passage in 1806.  We have all things Lewis and Clark all over the place along the Columbia River and the northern coast.  

We visited one art gallery along the boardwalk--The Oregon Gallery--and fell in love with paintings and photography throughout the showroom.  We bought a couple of things and while the gallery clerk wrapped them, she and I chatted about red hair, politics, and fun art.  

The Hotel:  We stayed at the Seashore Inn.  I had stayed there once before with my sister and  remembered it was a friendly nice place.  Apparently the sheets and such are special because we found this sign on the bathroom mirror:

While the sheets were nice, I can't imagine wanting to take them home with us.  So no sale there ;)  I told the desk clerks I wasn't interested in a new pillow, so we left them there.  They were very nice about it :)

The Easter Brunch Buffet:  We ate at the Boardwalk Restaurant for Easter brunch.  Good food and great service.  So many choices.  I have missed a Sunday brunch here in Portland.  Two we used to go to have now closed.  But Easter Sunday at the coast we delish.  And the view from our table...the best. 

It was a perfect weekend get-away.  Time spent together and re-energized from the ocean.  Great walks.  Great talks.  Fun art.  Good food.


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