Thursday, March 10, 2016

See Her Rolling Down the Track

Newest quilt top: Engineer Bill
See her rolling down the track
See her puffing smoke so black
Who's at the throttle?
That's Engineer Bill!

See those drivers whirlin' 'round
See that engine cover ground
Who's at the throttle?
That's Engineer Bill!

From the round-house every day
He always get the right of way
Folks all know the whistle's cry
Means Engineer Bill is passing by

See her steamin' into town 
From the cab who's wavin' down
Who's at the throttle?
That's Engineer Bill!

When I was a little girl, there were three cartoon shows.  Captain Kangaroo was mornings.  Sheriff John was at his lunchtime brigade.  And the afternoon cartoon show to watch was Engineer Bill.  He hosted a plethora of cartoons from Betty Boop to Felix the Cat to Mighty Mouse to Heckle and Jeckle.  Oh, can't forget Popeye.  He also had the Red Light Green Light game, where we would drink a glass of milk to the means go!  Red means stop.

My latest quilt top reminds me of delightful television for Los Angeles area kiddies back in the fifties.  This top joins the others to be quilted when I go home next week.



rwk1950 said...
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rwk1950 said...

Great memories! I loved Vavoom from Felix the Cat. Also Mighty Mouse was a favorite from that era.

Wilma NC said...

We had Captain Penny in Ohio. Love that quilt.