Tuesday, March 01, 2016

We Are Waving Hello

I haven't been sewing since I came down to stay longer at my Mom's area.  It seems every day is packed.   Morning consists of walking the dog, laundry, cleaning, breakfast.  Then heading over to Mom's and on the way home I stop to pick up things I still need for the apartment.  Or groceries.  So the day is pretty well shot by the time I get home.  Then walking the dog and eating lunch or making dinner.  So this week I made a vow to finish one quilt top. 

My good friend Vicki loves Minions.  They make her happy.  In her honor, I bought a Minion panel and planned to create the borders.  The panel has been up on my wall beside my bed for weeks.  Those cute Minions have been waving to me every morning when I wake and when I go to bed.  I finally made the borders and reached my goal to complete one quilt top.  I will quilt it when I get back to Portland.

Every day when I visit Mom, I see my other friends who also live at her Health Center.  There are the Sunny Outside Greeters, a few friends who sit outside in the morning sun and solve world problems.  There are J and B and J2 and R.  B moved back into Assisted Living but he comes over to see his friends frequently.  J2 and R have been married over 75 years.  When R needed 24/7 care, J2 moved with her--they have never been apart.  I love talking with J2.  So intelligent and warm and funny.

Inside the Center are the Inside Greeters.  There is great activity around the Nurse's Station and many of the residents are brought around to be part of the activities.  Two of my favorite people are J3 and W.  W has the prettiest smile that lights up her face when she interacts with others. 

We talk about her sons and every day things.  We hug and laugh.  When she isn't feeling well, I just sit with her for a bit and then let her nap.  

J3 is another matter.  J3 doesn't talk.  Mostly he stares at me.  He will often laugh at me or get teary as we interacted.  But I had no idea how much he comprehended.  And then one day as we talked (okay, I talked and he looked at me), I asked him if he played baseball as a kid.  He nodded.  And then--this was even bigger--he put his hands together and raised his arms a bit like he was holding a bat.  Wow!  That was when I knew he comprehended every thing. Now I talk about anything and every thing and ask him yes and no questions when possible.  He told me loved chocolate and chocolate ice cream :)   

And I can't forget L!  He and his wife raised some 40 kids--their own and Foster Kids, all who still live close by and visit.  One is a professional football player.  One is a professional baseball player.  He is 88 and his wife, he told me, is 93.  I would never have guessed her age as 93.  L says with some pride, "She looks maybe 65, doesn't she?"  He is the sweetest, one of the most delightful persons in the Center.

It is difficult when a friend of mine passes away.  I look around for them and they are not there.  I have to ask...so sad.  I miss them because they gave me so much love and  delight.  There was D, who's face lit up like a Christmas tree when I said hello.  She rarely talked but she adored my pup and talked to her like an old friend as she rubbed her face and ears. I miss her still.

So many people in my life waving hello, enriching me, adding to my adventures.

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