Friday, March 04, 2016

My Exciting Life

Winter in Southern California...this is the way it rolls down here.  This is lovely McCarthy Park in Upland.  It chilled nicely last night--down to mid-50s.  I felt like home!  They keep saying it is going to rain, but the clear blue skies belie this statement.

While I wait for the bug guys to finish spraying, bombing and generally ridding my apartment of roaches, I have many things I can do.  Well, nit really because my life's adventures are rather slim today...  

First, I emptied the cupboards in the bathroom and kitchen of everything, wrapping stuff in plastic bags.  I took off the sheets and quilts and general stuff so I don't have to sleep on bug-bombed linens tonight.  Everything is in the center of the living area, on the couch and on the bed.  Secondly, my sister is allowing my pup and me to stay at her place for the day.  The bug guys said they would be there between 8-10...I had to leave for a meeting at 7:30 so the earliest I can go home is maybe 3:00.

So I have the day away from the apartment today!  Since it is laundry day, I am doing my laundry at my sisters :)  Gotta love not needing quarters, although I should offer her some.  In just a few minutes, I will be heading over to see Mom.  More roach saga to share with her.  She hates hearing about the roaches and I love tormenting her with them :)  Don't have to exaggerate that I now have five more dead ones in the lightbox.  YippeeSkippee!

I hope to meet up with friends for lunch and then will hang out until dinner with my sis and her husband and the neighbors.  Then home to redesign the little apartment.  Oh yeah...might have to get more bags for trash.

My exciting life :)

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