Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hugs from my Friends

What a surprise to me that the postal carrier handed me a big box Wednesday. When I opened it, I found it stuff-packed with goodies! My friends at the Quilting Bee forum on Delphi decided to shower me with all sorts of pieces of fabric--all polka dots! I LOVE POLKA DOTS! They are so happy and cheerful! These pieces of fabric were of all sizes. Some were fat quarters. Some were nickles. Some were just small 3" scraps. All colors, all dots.

Here's the bounty!

That was a wonderful surprise, the fabrics and the cards and the tea bags and the little prezzies. Notes of encouragement. Silly cards. Lots of love.

And then this morning, the postal carrier knocked on the door again, holding another box! This box was an even greater surprise. I opened the box and gasped, tears falling with love and warmth and happiness. What was in this package? I pulled out a beautiful quilt! My friend Sheryl made this happy quilt full of "Good Vibrations." Her note told me that when I was feeling badly, to wrap it around myself and think of her giving me a hug. I am taking it with me to the hospital in case something happens and I need to stay overnight.

But then nothing can possibly go wrong when my friends are all waiting for me with happy polka dot arms.



Wilma NC said...

Well, you know we all love you!!!

Gari said...

How absolutly wonderful!