Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tumor Central Update

The news is in!

I am having a lumpectomy on June 24. When they do a biopsy on that baby and they find it is actually benign (they are not 100% certain right now because this type of tumor doesn't test well. I have students like that LOL), then we are finished. So basically he is doing a surgical biopsy so he can see better what it is. And because he doesn't really know anything without getting in there to look, he couldn't answer any of my questions. Recovery time is about two weeks. MUCH better than the alternative :)

If they find it is malignant (odds against), we go from there :)

Thanks all for the good thoughts :)


Gari said...

Nothing but good thoughts coming your way. And the 24th is my mother's birthday so I won't forget.

Wilma NC said...

Keep up the sunny outlook Doris. We're all sending good thoughts your way!!

Wilma NC said...
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