Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Budding Model

I was finally able to have my grandgirl try on the most recently finished blouse.  Looking good!  The elastic waist and the length turned out well for her.  Of course, she is a goofball :)  She has been modeling what I have made for her since she was a little girl.  She used to be spontaneous and now she is more self-conscious.  She also no longer smiles showing teeth.  She used to stand on the dining room table to model... Now she would crack her head on the 10 foot ceiling!

That's two finished items.  Now to make the dress.  This dress is super easy and very cute.  The front is form-fitting and the back of the bodice shapes a heart (Simplicity 1382).  Before I could put in the zipper, I wanted to make sure the size was right.

I made it a size larger than usual...so I didn't want it to be too large.  I basted the side seams to the bodice and basted the waist band.  I also basted the back seam on the skirt.  I didn't want to have to take out multiple seams.  So I brought it to her house in two pieces and pinned the skirt to the top while she had it on.  Too large?  NO!  I have to make the bodice side seams smaller than usual and lengthen the waste band by an inch and let out the skirt a bit.  Thank goodness I didn't make it a size smaller!  :)  

While I had it all together, I pinned up the hem for length.  Her school (junior high!  My little grandgirl is starting junior high!) has a dress code that skirts must be no shorter than finger-tips.  So we measured the tips.

I don't usually take pictures of Kaity in her clothes until they are completed but these pictures turned out so well I thought I'd give a sneak peek.  I will complete this dress tomorrow and cut out the last top.  Onward!


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