Monday, August 25, 2014

Cuts on My Fingers and Shards in My Toes, Oh My

Added the sun and sunbeams
I have been working diligently on my mosaic windows.  I had planned to sew more, quilt more, and when possible, spend time on the mosaic project.  But there the windows where on the dining room table, just mocking me, teasing me, calling to me to find a good piece of glass.  Guess I needed a diversion and these two windows were the perfect answer. 

I started working on this project in the dining room, on the dining room table.  I did not think this through very well.  This meant that I could not cut out the two sewing projects for my grandgirl because the table was half-full.  And this meant I could not sandwich the final unfinished quilt top.  All I could do is work on the mosaic.  Good planning!  Another problem of using the dining room table is that little tiny pieces of glass shards went sneaking around the table top, the floor, the chair.  I tried to contain then, but they are sneaky.  And of course I didn't think to Swiffer the floor I ended up wearing bandaids on the bottom of my feet, Kleenex wrapped around my fingers, and hoping the dog and cats missed the shards.  Then I got smart and used the Swiffer every half hour or so.  Only took me four days to figure that out ;)

Screwed up the orange and
added the beads to the hills
 The first glass I bought for the background wasn't appealing to me, so I had to go back to the glass store to buy new.  While waiting to head out, I decided to add the sun and the sunbeams.  I liked how they turned out, except the one orange on the left.  It needed to be wider.  So I removed that piece and added more orange.  And then I realized that the one piece of orange glass on the right was just too solid.  This was mosaic, not stained glass.  So I decided to take that big hunk out and snip it in two for a good grout line.  So then for the life of me I could NOT get the piece back together right.  What happened to the time/space contingency??  So I broke it up more...still okay...and realized it was not too small with lots of smaller pieces and OH NO!  I was out of orange!  So I bits and pieced it together and I really am not happy with it.  But I kept going...added some beads along the hilltops and some little flower beads in the meadows. 

And then it became time to fill in the background.  I really liked the green--more sheer with a tiny bit of texture to it.  It filled in behind the flowers quite nicely, with bricks of glass making it a wall of grass.

Background looking good
 I wanted to finish this project by Monday so I could get started on the dress for my grandgirl.  I had promised...  So I would work for a few hours, take a break, work for a few more.  It was late evening before I was finished.  Just in time to sit an watch a short program with Doug before time for upstairs.  I will grout it on Saturday, let it dry and figure out how to install it out on the porch so the sun can shine through it and I can see it while I sew.

I like the general look of the piece with a few exceptions.  I am not happy with the sunbeams in general.  But I do like the flowers and the hills and meadow.  I like that it generally turned out as I pictured it.  I like the color combos, the texture of the beads and the glass.  I especially like my big daisy and the little yellow daisy beside it :) 

Finished, to be grouted Saturday

Next mosaic project: back to tiles.  Maybe give the concrete birdbath a pretty top.  But I will definitely make it outside rather than on the dining room table!


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