Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Switching Things Around

I want a long-arm quilting machine.  I am looking at a Pfaff 18" neck, the frame set up to work a king-sized quilt.  Since the majority of my own quilts are smaller (lap sized and twin, as well as crib-sized), I would be still working mostly those.  But I want it to be able to go as big as it can. 

I also want to be able to use it, which means a dedicated space large enough to house this machine and frame.  The basement could be converted but then I'd have to be in the basement with little natural light.  I like lots of natural light.  Lots.  So what's left?  The garage!  But wait...Doug needs places to put his stuff.  Our garage is split into two, with a short wall between the spaces.  My side of the garage is 20' x 10'.  And that is the space I want to convert into my quilting area.  My sewing area will remain in the main house because there is no room for both in 20'x10'.

Before my mother had a stroke June 1, I had a designer/contractor come to give me an estimate for converting this space.  The plan was to convert the space and it would be finished about the time the quilting machines would be on "their best sale of the year" the end of July.  Unfortunately I wasn't home for two months and Doug and I never talked about the cost, where the money would come from, and where the stuff he is storing on my side would go.  So when the designer called me in California, I had to tell him to put it on hold.

Zoë with her new friend Bear on the new bed in the new guest room
Now move along this month.  Doug has a music space in the basement.  I asked him if he wanted to take over the guest room as a music room and we make the computer room into the guest room. He jumped at this offer. His computer went into the music room and my big computer went into the guest room.  I don't spend much time on the big computer, so it seems to fit. We made the switch, in part, the last time I was south with my mom and then when I returned.  We bought a new bed for the guest room.  And we are off.

Oh and the garage...we agreed to check into how to finance the remodel (straight loan with equity or revolving account with equity) and then give the okay.  Convert the space first and then wait for a good sale for the long arm set.

And life is good.

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