Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vacation Plans

When my son returned to his job after he completed his month-long stay in the hospital for chemotherapy treatments, some of the staff were sitting in the staff room, talking about vacations.  He said he really wished he could take a nice long vacation.  One of the women under his supervision said, "You mean after taking off over a month!?"  He looked at her and said, "You mean the month I was in hospital getting treatment for cancer?"  She was shocked.  He said he regretted his comeback. He had chosen not to tell anyone about his cancer; he didn't want to be "that guy" that is looked at differently because he had cancer.  She had not known.  But it does say something about how we view vacations.  As a full-time working single parent, going to college full-time, a week off from school was a vacation.  Or taking off an evening from my job to attend my son's music recital was a vacation.

Recently I took Doug to downtown Portland for the weekend to celebrate his birthday.  What fun!  A very nice historic hotel.  An afternoon tour and tea at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens--a city block of peace and beauty in downtown Portland.  Dinner at a kinda fancy restaurant in a beautiful historic building. We were going to head out with a stop at Saturday Market (on Sunday), but decided to come home.  It was a glorious vacation!

Lately some people think I have been on many vacations as I travel down to visit my mother.  You say "vacation," I say "longdamndriveandthensleepinsomeoneelsesbedwithoutmyfella."  Potatō/potahtō  

I'm joining Pig next trip...

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Wilma NC said...

We have decided we like short vacations. Next week we are going to go to Greenville, SC for 2 days and 1 night. It s a whole 75 miles away, lol. But it has a beautiful downtown and neat stores and art galleries, and a waterfall!! Or so I have read. Looking forward to it.