Friday, November 21, 2008

Another 1.5 pounds sluffed off along the road of life. These ounces were hard-won as I was up almost 10 pounds the night before. That was a loooooooooot of peeing! And look at those numbers! The body is going to make me work for that last half pound! Grrrrrrrrrrr I want that massage reward at 30 pounds! Maybe when I weigh in the day after Thanksgiving that last half pound will show up. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's been a busy week with finishing speeches and grading and lectures and meetings and sewing. Lots of sewing these past few days. Finished binding a king quilt for our bed. I had not played with a king in years (quilt, silly! Although now that I think about it, I never have actually played with a king. A bear on occasion but no king ;) )...anyway I had not made a king sized quilt in years and had forgotten how much work it was to bind!

I also made a baby quilt for a colleague. His life is busy. He is on a one-term sabbatical to finish his PhD, was just re-elected to the Oregon House of Representatives, is expecting his first baby in January, and is planning on his wedding in December. He's usually a slug, so this is a busy time for him!

Then, I finished a quilt top for my son's birthday quilt...only promised him this quilt last February for his birthday! He has been nagging me for about a year. His surprise at Christmas this year will be this quilt. It was made from a block of the month from Claudia's Quilt Shoppe. Added borders to make it a queen sized quilt. It will be ready by Christmas this year :)

And the final thing I have sewn this past week is a dress for my grandgirl. Last summer I found this great pattern. Kaity always helps me select the fabrics for her clothes. I promised her two things last Christmas, after watching her face fall while opening different boxes that held the three complete outfits I made for her.
  1. No clothes for gifts ever again
  2. No surprise fabrics for any outfit
So picking out fabrics is a Mamaw and Kaity time together. I buy her a fat quarter each time we go to the fabric store. It goes into the Kaity Stash bin. Soon we will make a quilt together.

Tonight Kaity invited me to a Tea Party with her Girl Scout troop. She is a Daisy Girl. Five years old is the perfect age, isn't it? I walked her to the bus stop this morning. What a bundle of joy! She skipped and danced all the way. Lots of hugs and kisses. Life is good :)

A friend on the Quilting Forum on Delphi send me a cute panel that I am planning to quilt this weekend. It will be donated to Project Linus. Most years I try to make a few quilts for PL. This past year I didn't have much time to sew as my hands were full while acting the position of Division Dean. Now I have time again :)

Life is good :)

Weekly pic is not that different than the week before. People are actually starting to notice except they don't know they are noticing. Most people ask if I have done something different with my hair or ask if I have had a hair cut. I just nod and smile LOL

Take care of one another. Spread positive energy~~ Practice peace~~~


Myra said...

Oh that dang 1/2 pound! Really making you work for that massage. I love your quilts - I have never been brave enough to do a king (well not really do a king, ugh, you know what I mean) a queen size quilt is quite enough for me.

GARI said...

Congrats on your weight loss. This is such a journey we are on. And I know what you mean about binding a kind. I did one this past summer and thought I would never get all the way around it. Keep up the good work.

Wilma NC said...

That last half pound will come off!!! Ohhh, a massage sounds glorious.