Friday, November 14, 2008

I have been feeling good lately. My naturopath has been giving me Lazar-light pain treatments for my lower back--I have constant spasms in my lower back because my gait is off. Even with a knee replacement, my right knee will not go completely straight nor bend more than about 100 degrees. So my gait is off. Anyway, we have been working with a Lazar-light pain treatment that is doing a good job. Less spasms, less pain, and more comfort! So I have been feeling good.

And I have been moving better. The less pain is part of the reason and the loss of 28 pounds! Yes! A loss of 3.6 pounds showed up on the scales today at weigh in. I still have excess fluid, but the weight was leaving....the body finally let it show up! YippeeSkippee!

I also figured out why the fluid is hanging around so much--along with other problems that had been working just fine for the past few months. A few weeks ago I had serious arthritis pain in my "good" knee and the orthopedic doctor gave me a shot of cortisone. Now cortisone has never worked for me, but I thought maybe this was okay this time. body just doesn't like cortisone. It blocks hormone replacement stuff, gives me headaches, I get all weepy and cranky and my body just falls apart...and meanwhile the cortisone wears off within oh maybe 1.5 weeks rather than the usual 4-6 months. So this accounts for the extremes I have been experiencing. I thanked myself for my diagnosis, paid me my usual fee, and told me to call me in the morning.

Twenty eight pounds. I can see a difference this week in my weekly picture. Peace~~


Myra said...

You are beautiful! Great job and congratulations!

Debi said...

Yippe 3.6 more...and a total of 28 pounds WAY TO GO! I have successfully lost 5 pounds in my first week, so I am happy. I just love WW online!

GARI said...

congratulations! And doesn't it help to have some understanding of why things have been going wrong? I did look at your pictures and am really impressed with the changes: keep up the good work. And purple is another thing we have in common.

Wilma NC said...

Lookee there! I see collarbones!! Keep up the good work.