Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ornaments and Applique

On the Quilting with a Passion forum, we are having an ornament swap. I am not very crafty. Oh I like crafts, but they always tend to look like they did when I was in grade school. Now that wasn't a plea for compliments, but the truth. But I still go forward with projects, even though the finished results are very different than what was in my head. Here is my contribution to the swap... They look pretty good because you can't see the glue LOL Hey. I just noticed that sitting there they are kind of cute :)

And back in September, I took a trip with my friend Dorothy to visit our friend Sheryl--scrapquilter--who is an excellent needle-turn applique quilting person.

She made this beautiful wallhanging for me and one for Dorothy! It jes don't get no sweeter than this!

Sheryl helped me get some of the blocks ready for sewing and taught me how to needle-turn...none of these hearts are great but they are finished!This is just four of the 12 I will be making for the quilt I have in mind--each block has a different color theme of scrappy hearts.

I am really not very good at this skill (I am not a perfectionist in my sewing) nor very fast, but I am determined to finish this quilt top before I die :) I have a small wallhanging I want to make my mom for Christmas--bought when I was back in St. Louis with Dorothy and Sheryl--that is 100% needle-turn. I wanted a bit of practice first, but now it is time to start my mom's so that it is finished before Christmas!


Myra said...

I think those ornaments are gorgeous and they are too fancy! Lucky you to have your very own piece of applique from Sheryl - she is truly a master. I haven't seen any of her work up close and personal but if it is 1/2 as good as the pictures....whoooweeee!
Your hearts look great - will be a stunning quilt when you get it finished. Have a great week!

Sheryl said...

I'm glad you like your Fall wall hanging--or are you using it for a cat bowl placemat? LOL I had forgotten to take pics of those, so I was happy to see it again and copy it for my file.

It looks like I have to make something for Myra now! Thanks for the compliment, Myra!

Your hearts are looking good, girl! I really like the scrappy look with that design. You have gotten a lot done since I saw you, considering you have that pesky job taking up so much valuable time.

Great job on making healthy choices and dropping so many pounds!!!!!! I bet you already feel better. I know I do.

Jan said...

You are looking so good girl--keep up the good work! I know first hand how lovely your ornaments are since I have the one you gave me at the get together last Christmas!!!!!Love the Fall wall hanging--as usual Sheryl does a great job! And your hearts are wonderful--you did a good job--pat yourself on the back!