Friday, November 28, 2008

Imagine my surprise when I got on the scales this morning that I had dropped over 5 pounds this week! I not only get a massage (YIPPEESKIPPEE!! I get a massage!), I hit the first 10% of my total weight. I received a little key chain from Weight Watchers for that milestone.

So here I was, fresh from an hour and a half shopping when I weighted in. See, I spent the first few hours of the morning shopping. I hit one store--every year my daughter-in-law and I hit the one store--and buy all the items for a family we adopt every year. This year's family is a little three-year-old girl and her mother. They just escaped a home filled with violence and have very little. I bought them some warm clothes and some toys for the little one. I also make the family a quilt. I have the cutest one I am ready to quilt for the little girl and the one for her mother will be ready to quilt on Sunday.

One factor in this loss was I had not yet had Thanksgiving dinner. The kids went to my daughter-in-law's family on Thursday. My elder son really wants Thanksgiving and Easter and Christmas spent with family. I don't blame him, but I don't care what is the day. I feel sure this is a carry over from when he was a little guy and he never spent holidays with his "family," but always with his father's new family. The kids would spend Christmas eve with their dad and sometime Christmas day he would bring them home. Now some 25-30 years later he is feeling the need to be with us on holidays. Me too, only I don't care what day. Thus, we had Thanksgiving today :)

Whew. Thirty five pounds. Life is good. The weekly pic isn't all that great but I can see a little difference. The hair is bad from not washing and then spending hours shopping. Gawd I hate shopping!



GARI said...

Congratulations on your 10%, that is quite an accomplishment.

Debi said...

Fantastic Dori, way to go, down 35 rock girl!

Wilma NC said...

You go girl!!! I think you are sending all your pounds to me!! I need some motivation. Maybe your great loss will be it.