Monday, February 20, 2012

This Time It Was a Bit Different

One of the things I want to do in order to keep this quilt top interesting is change out each row of blocks. I decided to make the second block with the four-patch the second alternative.
I like the colors and the movement it creates.

The next block I wanted to do something completely different. Instead of cutting the background fabrics and resewing them, I cut out curves on the checkerboards.

I think it gave it an interesting movement. Looks almost like a river to me. I decided to keep the background simple: one fabric. I tried a bunch of different ones, but the prints kept getting in the way. I finally settled on two. The first side is a grey with gold swirls. The second side is a 30s fabric, purple on cream.

I also decided to sew the background onto the checkered in a different way. The first block I had different sizes of strips and I sewed matching sizes together. The second block I had the same size strips throughout. This time I had different sized strips, but didn't match sizes so the background was different from the checkered.

On to the next block. I have no idea what that will be.


Wilma NC said...

This is going to some quilt!! Can't wait to see how it ends up.

makeitsew07 said...

I like these !!