Friday, January 02, 2015

It's Been an Interesting Year

Me and my fella Christmas day
On Christmas night I flew south to visit my mom.  She had spent the day with my sister--Mom's first outing in an accessible taxi--and was on such good behavior.
Mom and Zoë
  Sister said no crazy talk, no tantrums, simply a quiet pleasant few hours.  My sister and I took Mom out to lunch in the dining hall the day after Christmas.  Unfortunately she was becoming ill and was not as responsive as usual.  She ate well and our cousin stopped by our table and ate dessert with us.  I requested they take an x-ray to check for pneumonia; turned out to be bronchitis.  She was recovering well by the time I left.  I took an early flight home on new years eve and spend a delightful night with my fella.

Sister and her husband and elder daughter
Looking over this year, it has been interesting.  For the first half, I continued to teach one class online rather than  cold-turkey retire.  Mom's stroke in June took the remainder of the year.  I stayed down with her and my sister for almost three months, taking time out to fly to Washington DC for my father-in-law's inurnment at Arlington National Cemetery.  During the first month, my sister and I coordinated a family reunion for Mom's side of our family.  It was good for Mom to be visited by her entire family that month.  Then driving the 1000 miles every three weeks until November, when I started flying.

My aunt, who turned 94 in December
 In between visits south, spending time with my friend who was very sick in the hospital.  I also was able to visit friends and family along the drive.   

It was also a grand year for quilting.  I made 20 quilts, mostly to give away to people I love who needed a hug or two as well as children.  We gave 63 quilts to children in the Adopt-a-Family.  I sewed four outfits for my grandgirl.  I made some interesting quilted things for Christmas gifts.

Who says retirement means you sit at home and watch TV?  :)

So now, I am working on some new quilts. I have three quilt tops ready for sandwiching and now that the Christmas decorations are put away for the year, I can quilt them :)  I am searching for LA Dodgers fabric for a quilt for my nephew's baby due in February.  Found tons of fleece but not much cotton.  I did order two yards of flannel from eBay.

New year goals:  walk the dog at least around the block every day unless the weather is too frightful.  Learn how to savor a bite rather than quickly put another in my mouth so I can continue to taste the first bite.  Understand what "comfortably full" means rather than "full to stuffed."  World peace. 

Happy new year!

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