Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Things We Do Instead

I had all day to sew.  I had nothing to stop me from sewing.  After Weight Watcher's meeting and a visit with the Chiroguy, there was nothing I wanted more than to sandwich and quilt those tops.  Yes siree.  Just sewing and listening to CDs.

I didn't do that.  Instead I put together a jigsaw puzzle. 

I've never much liked puzzles.  I get frustrated about half way through and look forward to finishing the job.  But this Christmas I was given two boxes of puzzles, one having nine puzzles in it that ranged from 500 pieces to 1000.  I guess people thought I needed new things with which to fill my days.  You know, because I am really only sitting around all day, eating bon-bons and watching TV.

Ohhh yeah.  Bon-bons sound good.  But I digress...

So I started on the one from my son.  Route 66, my favorite drive.  I thought if I finished it, I could glue it together and hang it in my somedaywithinayear quilting room.  I worked on it diligently, stopping to make dinner.  Then I returned to it after my fella left for Drum Circle.  The cats wanted me to stop and feed them at one point.  Kittles kept sitting on the puzzle and tickling my face.  The pup wanted me to stop and feed the cats because the cats wanted it and whatever the cats want, the pup wants.  Jeopardy (Saturday re-runs) came and went.  Time came and went.  TV never came on.  Then Doug returned home and still I was sticking pieces together.  

And just as suddenly, TADA!  I was finished.  One piece missing.  That's what I get for starting with the Dollar Store puzzle :)  Either I will make a substitute piece for the space or leave it as it is.  But I finished it all by myself (except the cats bugging me for pets and dinner and the pup reminding me how unfair it is for her when the cats get food but she can't steal it from them).  

The REAL Mr. D'z--stopped for a burger on my first trip along the route
Standing up when finished was hell.  I had been bending over this puzzle for many hours--something like eight with time off for good behavior--and my back thought I was an old-time scribe/monk writing out the world in calligraphy.

Now today...should I sandwich those tops?  Or shall I begin another puzzle?


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Scrappy quilter said...

I am with you on puzzles however they can be really relaxing at times. Great job on getting this done.