Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: January 22, 1973

It was January 22, 1973.  The battle had been long and dirty.  And like most battles, people came away bloody.  Both sides lost but only one side had the least amount of loss.  In a vote 7-2, the Supreme Court decided that women had the ultimate right to choose what happens to her body.  In deciding the outcome of Roe vs Wade, women won a victory over more than abortion rights; women became empowered like never before.  Women had the power--and the responsibility--to decide their own health.

And the battle continues today.  We fought to keep this freedom in the 80s, sitting through the same rhetoric as we sat through before.  And again in the 90s and still today.  Throughout the years we have to continue to educate people of the need to keep women safe, healthy, and able to make responsible decisions.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg said it best
Me in 1973 
I was talking to my partner about this battle, how it is constant and told him if I was against something or a law or a system, I too would be continuing to fight against it.  The constant battle doesn't make me upset.  Tired, yes but not upset.  It is that the rhetoric has not changed in the years.  The same arguments against this addition to the 14th amendment are being said today as were said 45 years ago.  Give us new rhetoric, new arguments, if you want change.  Just realize I will continue to fight to keep this freedom regardless of your rhetoric.


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