Monday, January 26, 2015

On the Road to California

Me, my friends, and Eleanor Burns--what a gracious and funny woman!
Saturday held great fun.  I met up with some online quilting friends (The Quilting Bee on Delphi Forums) and we spend most the day wandering through vendors and beautifully crafted quilts.  Such inspiration and ideas.  Great eye candy. Fun shopping at what one woman called "the toy stores."

Here are just a few of the great quilts I found inspiring.

The colors and the whimsical design of this purple circle quilt caught my eye.  Fun and fanciful!

This wall quilt of two women was amazingly exquisite.  The details of their faces with the scrappiest of fabrics gave it a depth I rarely find in my own quilts.  What a story it tells.

I must be on a purple kick because this one is so great.  So many patterns within a pattern and the purple and turquoise pop out at me.

When my mom saw this photo of the butterflkly, she thought it might be an outline of the United States.  But I pointed out it was a butterfly.  I love the scrappy happy wonky log cabin pattern of the wings.

This quilt isn't that interesting.  It is just postage stamp squares...okay a bunch of them.  The pictures are of fruit and veggies fussy-cut.  But then I looked closer to the quilt.  Each white square is quilted differently. Amazingly tedious brilliant work!

My kitty always wants to climb my quilts.  No different!
Stitching on this ship is amazing
An incredible sundial pattern.  So much beautiful work!
This is what Doug would like: clean and geomentric.

This is what I like: messy and colorful :)
 Two different ideas for double wedding rings.  Both are amazing to me!  I love a double wedding ring.  The one of the left is so unique.  Fat and happy!  The one of the right has these starbursts that the artist said represented her family and friends.  I love how the colors in the rings wrap around those she loves.
Hows this for happy?  Kickin water and splashin in the sun.
This one was my favorite.  Not the most delicate nor the most intricate, but it is so happy and colorful and full of life.  
Until next time, I stay inspired, happy and ready to create more of my own quilts.

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Lynn W. said...

Nice replay on what we saw. I completely forgot to take pictures. I did come home with unspent money. The Tutto should be here in 2-3 weeks. I'd be happier if it came by Sat.