Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Room of Her Own

We have a lovely old home.  It was built in 1909-10.  A garage was added some years later, probably in the '40s.  The garage is large enough for two cars, with a wall partition between the two sides.  When we first moved here, I parked my car in the garage.  I had a difficult time getting out of the car because the car doors wouldn't open wide.  It has since become a storage area.

When I started talking seriously about getting a long-arm quilting machine, we kept coming back to the idea we didn't have any space for it.  One day I said, "How about my side of the garage?" and the idea was born.  We vacillated between the garage and building a complete sewing studio onto the house.  We fantasized about having the new room.  We visualized and fell in love with the French doors leading into the room.  I felt my heart melt at the idea of having a large enough space to do anything.  But the overwhelming cost of a new room brought us back to converting half of the garage.

The floor plan

The space in the garage is 10 feet by 20 feet, a good size for a long-arm machine and table, cupboards and a little storage space.  We will have the garage door removed with a wall built.  Windows in the front and the side, and matching windows in the back that will replace the ones already there.  The door will be near the house.

The side of the garage.  The door will be fully glass to match the house.

The front of the garage.
The back as it already looks.

The work will begin sometime in the first part of July.  This is really cool.  I am getting a room of my own!


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Island Woman MJ said...

There is nothing better than that, dear you!